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Pianist by studying and musician by a true purpose, Creeds happened to be a multi talented artist. Being able to produce various genres of electronic dance music, Creeds has defined his musical path and created a unique sound, where best elements & traditions of rave music find expression in hard dance. 

After long years of developing his own musical style, Creeds has started to explode dancefloors–several huge performances in Brazil and Europe have proven his artistic value: his dynamic performance consisting of hard techno, Frenchcore and trance music perfectly suits for big scene and attracts audience completely indifferent to hardbeats! Creeds is an often guest at well-known venue Warehouse in Nantes, where heart is typically manages huge crowd and delivering a real show. Proudly represented by Hardcore France and Hardstyle France labels, Creeds is here to reveal you the joy ful, multicolored side of hard dance music.