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Born David Lee Crow in Phoenix, Arizona, Ghastly’s humble beginnings took place on his family’s dairy farm built over 100 years ago. From childhood, he was an entertainer and an entrepreneur – you could find David working on the farm, giving guided tours to the field trips that visited his home, and selling his own toys and T-shirts on his days off. Despite his upbringing, David knew from early on that music was his life’s calling, diving into production and recording his own music by the age of 12. As a teenager, he formed a death metal/grindcore band called The Irish Front, where he performed as its vocalist. Their success allowed him to tour the country, and he became hooked on both the energy of the crowd and the thrill of performing.

Ultimately, the members of The Irish Front decided to go different directions, prompting David to take the plunge as a solo artist. He bought a van, saved up $1,000, said goodbye to his family and friends, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his music career with no connections, but a stubborn dream. After years of trying and failing, at one point even losing everything and returning to the farm and start over, David eventually found his footing as a solo artist under the moniker “Ghastly” when he produced a high-profile collaboration with Lil Jon and Mija, titled “Crank It,” released via Skrillex’s world-famous OWSLA label.

In 2018, Ghastly debuted ‘The Mystifying Oracle,’ his first full-length record spanning 13 supernatural tracks. During the album release, Ghastly was determined to bring his concept to life and devised the perfect plan to do it: The Mystifying Oracle Tour traveled to over 20 cities across the United States with its one-of-a-kind Oracle stage production, leaving audiences with a live experience they’d never forget. This wouldn’t be the last time he took his performances to the next level: Ghastly turned another concept into reality with the debut of his fully interactive Haunted House stage at his 2019 headline show at Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium.

Ghastly’s musical style is continuously evolving, resulting in a discography that spans a multitude of genres. His ability to produce tracks that range from tugging at the heart strings of listeners, to tracks breaking vertebral columns, is unparalleled. David took his artistry further in the spring of 2022 by introducing the evolution of Ghastly, the amalgamation of which became a secondary project known as “GHENGAR”. GHENGAR sets are where Ghastly is able to completely cut loose and perform his most aggressive tunes, inspired by his love for metal music; the creation of GHENGAR also gives Ghastly the freedom to focus on exploring the world of groovy house beats and melodic bass. 2022 marks a new chapter for Ghastly, and he’s arrived with all the ammunition.

With the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Haunted Haus,’ an entire album reserved for his unique take on house music. Fans got a taste of what’s in store with the release of album singles “Burner” and “Vibe,” but Ghastly has a bundle of cursed tricks up his sleeve… the evolution continues.