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HBz aka Nils & Niklas are the German DJ and producer sensation of the past few years. Their remixes and originals have been viewed over 500 million times so far. With their sound ranging from bounce to goa to hardstyle, it’s hard to imagine the country’s main stages and their fans’ airpods without them.

With their weekly streaming format “Home Clubbing”, by now the DJ format with the widest reach in Germany, they sweetened the Saturday night in times of pandemic for their over 650,000 Youtube subscribers.

Their singles have been streamed over 140 million times on Spotify alone. Their single “KING KONG” has been in the German Top100 Single-Charts for months and has mutated into the summer hit of 2021 within a very short time. They are also causing a stir with their official remixes for VIZE x Tokio Hotel, Culcha Candela or FiNCH.

Fans follow them as #hbzfamily on live gigs from the North Sea to Austria. From their base in Lower Saxony, where they also organize their own festival “Home of Madness”, they conquer bit by bit every corner of the country.
On the wave of success, however, the two remain true to themselves and their love of music. “Combining emotions and escalation” is their motto, not only in their remixes, which have been clicked millions of times, but also on stage.