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With more than 700 million Spotify streams and 5 million monthly listeners, LIZOT are one of the biggest German dance acts!

The masterminds behind the Dance-project are German producer Max Kleinschmidt and his DJ colleague Patrick Art. LIZOT was founded in 2015 and is based at Zeitgeist / Universal Music. The first big success for LIZOT was “Sonnenmädchen“ in 2015 which went straight into the German charts. At the end of 2019, they released the single “Menage A Trois” with Holy Molly, which became a worldwide dance hit with more than 50 million streams.

In 2020 they made their international breakthrough with their single „Weekend“. More than 120 million streams, 30 million YouTube views + double platinum in Poland, platinum in Norway & Hungary, gold in Germany, Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and Czech Republic. A short time later they delivered their 60 million streams hit with Gabry Ponte called  “Like A Prayer“. With their most recent collab single “This Is The Life” with KYANU the boys managed to top their discography by earning over 20 million Spotify streams within its first month of release.

LIZOT also plays the stages of festivals and clubs all over Europe on a basis, such as at the Sonne Mond Sterne Festival, Parookaville and Sputnik Spring Break. DJ sets of LIZOT are dominated by driving basses and some musical surprises including harder and faster set parts. Thanks to the special designed live visuals, every LIZOT show is guaranteed to be remembered!