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Noel Holler

Born in 1997 and straight outta Bielefeld: DJ and producer Noel Holler has transformed his passion into a professional lifestyle. From the clubs of Spain to the vibes of Croatia, Slovenia or Czechia, from parties in the Netherlands over raves inSwitzerland and Luxembourg – Noel dominates the European scene. In 2023 he had over 130 shows in his touring calendar, including performances on the hottest stages of Germany’s largest EDM festivals PAROOKAVILLE and the epic Romanian spectacle UNTOLD. Noel Holler defines the party vibe and has showcased his unique sound, a fusion of Techno and Bass House, at venues like the Megapark in Mallorca or the Papaya Club at Zrce Beach.

Coming in hot in 2020 he made waves in the music scene with his debut single “Every Morning,” a collaboration with the charismatic singer LEONY – but that was just the beginning. With tracks like “Powerless,” a collaboration with FEDDE LE GRAND on “Tokyo Lights”, “Crazy in Love” together with MATTN and a feature with FAULHABER and FASTBOY on “Raining On Me,” Noel is setting high standards. In the DJ scene, Noel is also a powerhouse. Apart from his official remix of ALVARO SOLER & TOPIĆs “Solo Para Ti”, his edits even found their way into the sets on the mainstage of the legendary Tomorrowland.

But for Noel it’s not just about the music – his community is especially close to his heart. Daily he takes his followers on his journeys through social media and successfully launched his own merchandise brand “HOLLER AT ME”, which is now widely represented on dance floors across Europe.