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Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw is a Dutch DJ and production duo consisting of Jim Taihuttu and Nils Rondhuis. Formed in 2010, Yellow Claw quickly gained international recognition for their energetic and genre-blending electronic music.

Known for their signature sound that fuses elements of trap, hip-hop, hardstyle, and EDM, Yellow Claw has become synonymous with high-energy performances and bass-heavy tracks. They have collaborated with renowned artists such as DJ Snake, Diplo, and Ty Dolla $ign, pushing the boundaries of electronic music and bringing their unique style to a global audience.

Yellow Claw’s breakout hit came in 2013 with the release of “DJ Turn It Up,” which garnered widespread attention and cemented their status as pioneers of the trap genre. Since then, they have released numerous chart-topping singles, including “Shotgun,” “Till It Hurts,” and “In My Room,” which have amassed millions of streams and earned them a dedicated fan base worldwide.

In addition to their successful music career, Yellow Claw is also known for their captivating live performances. Their dynamic DJ sets and stage presence have made them sought-after headliners at major music festivals and venues around the world.

Beyond their own music, Yellow Claw has also ventured into the realm of record production, establishing their own record label called Barong Family. The label serves as a platform to showcase emerging talent and release cutting-edge electronic music.

With their relentless work ethic and innovative approach to music production, Yellow Claw continues to push boundaries and evolve their sound. Their ability to blend genres seamlessly and their dedication to delivering high-energy performances have solidified their position as influential figures in the electronic music scene. As they continue to explore new musical territories and collaborate with a diverse range of artists, Yellow Claw remains at the forefront of the global dance music movement.